Sigrid Horn

songs in austrian dialect with ukulele, harp, concertina and piano

March 2020: i bleib do

"The songwriter SIGRID HORN, originally from Lower Austria and now based in Vienna, is an artist that is able to make the most from very little and to transform tranquility into an all-encompassing force. On her debut album „sog i bin weg“ (bader molden recordings), Sigrid Horn refrains from anything excessive, any clichéd embellishment and any superficial sparkle. In turn, it is exactly this sonic modesty that builds up unbelievable density and drama. Sigrid Horn truly understands how to create a musical atmosphere that can penetrate into the deepest of depths. The songs sung in dialect have a magical appeal and are of haunting beauty."

(Austrian Music Export, February 2020) 

I bleib do: I’m staying here. That’s the title of Sigrid Horn’s second Album (release march 2020).

After releasing her first album „sog i bin weg“ (= „tell them I’m gone“) and winning the „Protestsongcontest“ in 2019, she’s now beginning a new chapter with songs about healing, but still criticizing the cause for the pain. Digging through her family’s history and most intimate feelings, opening herself and her audiences up and creating an emotional connection with listeners.

Sigrid Horn plays ukulele and piano. She’s joined by Sarah Metzler on harp and vocals, and Bernhard Scheiblauer on concertina, ukulele, banjolele and vocals. The trio works together on the arrangements, leaving room for rhythmic and melodic experiments.

Ernst Molden, austrian singer-songwriter legend, supported them actively, spending time in the studio together and recording guitars for a couple of tracks. Felipe Scolfaro Crema, producer, jazz-musician, sound-geek and composer, recorded the album and lovingly put everything into the right place.

The first presentations of I BLEIB DO are in the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg (February 2020) and in the Rabenhoftheater in Vienna, later followed by a tour through Austria, Germany and Italy.

Concerts outside of Austria are supported by the Nasom-Förderpreis of the Austrian Ministry for foreign affairs.

"I bleib do" is released on march 13 2020 supported by the Austrian Music fund (Musikfondförderung).

„RADL“, the first single, was released in february 2020.

Sigrid Horn is performing with her trio, duo or solo.

Protestsongcontest 2019
Bernhard Scheiblauer, Sigrid Horn, Sarah Metzler (Foto: Dietmar Lipkovich)